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UPDATE 5/27/2022: Prince & Knight demo version 1.01 for PROM 2022 is here! This version makes PK more friendly to new players to visual novel games by having a more expansive tutorial section and a few clarifying labels in the Preferences tab. Thanks for playing!

Begin the journey that was forcibly thrust upon Emery, the lazy prince, and Terryn, his insufferable knight!

Through the prince's eyes, take in the scenery, investigate the disappearance of his brother, and track down the dragon terrorizing the kingdom. 

~1 hour gameplay

Controls: Mouse or Touchpad required

Suggested ESRB Rating E 10+ for mild depictions of alcoholism, violence.

Hi there! 

Thank you for your interest in the Prince & Knight demo. This build was submitted for my Master's Thesis at UCLA's Animation Workshop 2021.  It's been a long journey, but I'm proud and happy to have been able to complete this project. Hope you enjoy playing!

- Vy

Feel free to let us know what you think in this survey!


Vy Tran - concept and story, art, programming, sound design

Domini Gee - writing

Joshua Liong - secondary writing, programming, sound design

Robby Good - music

Julia Meng - art

Jorge Aguirre - art

Ann Tmangraksat - art

Evan English - animation

Made in Ren'Py


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Prince & Knight for MAC 227 MB
Prince & Knight for PC (WIN/LINUX) 262 MB
Prince & Knight (PROM) for MAC 228 MB
Prince & Knight (PROM) for PC (WIN/LINUX) 262 MB

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Really great demo! I enjoyed the art style, humor, and dynamic between the two characters, and would love to see more if there are plans to make this a bigger project.

Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! UwU

Right now the plans for a larger project aren't concrete, but I would like to continue the story in the future! Thanks for your interest <3

Can i ask this one fatal question is this a LGBTQ game UwU


The characters and story to me are LGBTQ, but I feel it would be remiss to claim that the demo in its current state shows any of those aspects, so I decided not to mention it much! Hope that answers your question!

I loved this! It felt really well produced. The art and character animation was on point. And I adore where the story is going. I look forward to future updates!

Thank you so much! <3

What a sweet VN demo!! The story is a great taste of something bigger that I'd love to read more of, well written and easy to get into. Everything from the music to the click/search elements are well put together and really suit the narrative. 

The illustrations are awesome; I really love the character sprites and all of their animations! They add so much flavor and character to the dialogue, giving every piece of dialogue a clear tone-- not to mention smooth and satisfying to look at, too. 

Wonderful work! I'd love to read and play more :D

Aaah thank you BK!! I'm happy you enjoyed the game, I feel really flattered /w\ Thank you so much!

Wow, the story is so well written and the characters have you falling for them from the first frame on! I know this was for your thesis  (so, incomplete as a full game), but I really love what you have so far and would love to see it finished! Obviously up to you~

The music was lovely and really gave off the "kingdom" vibes XD

I'm upset I finished it all in an hour (I spent as long as I could just taking in the backgrounds and colors lol), but I'm also satisfied with the cliffhangar lol

I'll definitely play again!

Aw thank you Juni for the wonderful comment TTwTT I'm really delighted that you enjoyed the game and all of its parts!! 

Maybe someday I'll be ready and able to tell the rest of the story~ :3c